Adventures of a Newbie Con-goer

The dates: 17-18 January 1998
The place: The Burbank Hilton, Burbank CA
The event: A massive convergence of all things Xena (and some Hercules....), human, and inhuman, animated and hyper-animated.
I left the cold tundra of Boston on the morning of a nor'easter (such timing!) to make my first venture into a "large" microcosm of the Xenaverse, that place where many Hard Core Nut Balls (© Lucy Lawless) would gather in one place. At last! For a few scant days, there was no one to question my obsession for all things Xena (and some Hercules...). And so the adventure began....

Adventure accounts and Photo Galleries:


Saturday's non-actor speakers including Brad Carpenter, John Kretchmer, Rob Weisbrot, and Rob Tapert.
Robert Trebor
Danielle Cormack
Hudson Leick


Sunday's non-actor speakers including Liz Friedman and RJ Stewart, Michael Levine, and Rob Field.
Kevin Smith
Lucy Lawless

And other stuff....

Miscellaneous parties and other happenings

Other Burbank '98 web pages:

Burbank 98 reviews and photos collected at MaryD's most excellent Xena site. Includes photos from 5 people, convention reviews, and transcripts of some Q&A sessions.

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Lucy Lawless in Grease! - soon to return to the web a collection of photos from my several trips to NYC to see Lucy in this production.

**screen credit: Xena logo at top courtesy of Barron Chugg's fabulous page of Xena graphics for the web**

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